Wuxi Xuetao Group is a professional manufacturer of high quality asphalt equipment. We began as a producer of asphalt mixing equipment, but have since expanded our selection of products to include hot asphalt recycling equipment, thermal oil heaters, and large and medium sized bitumen tanks. Our equipment is designed to handle operation in various environments as we have customers who utilize our products in extreme conditions like those found in the Middle East and Russia. In addition to high quality products, we also provide outstanding service. Our after-sales service is tied to our online remote service system that sends real-time production information so that we can analyze issues and solve them quickly. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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    1. Asphalt Plant
    2. Asphalt Plant Asphalt plant refers to the system of drying, heating, sieving and measuring of sand and stone materials, adding appropriate amount of filling materials (stone powder), and mixing all of that evenly with hot asphalt liquid into an asphalt mixture according to a certain proportion. Read More
    1. Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
    2. Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant The polymer modified bitumen plant is used for mixing and storing modified bitumen. It produces qualified modified bitumen by mixing polymer additives and asphalt through a rapid stirring process, then this modified bitumen will be used in the construction of roadways and runaways. Read More
    1. Asphalt Emulsion Plant
    2. Asphalt Emulsion Plant The asphalt emulsion plant is used primarily for stirring and storing of emulsified asphalt. It also simultaneously completes the proportioning of asphalt and emulsion by regulating the rotational speed of the asphalt and emulsion pumps, then the material is treated using the emulsifier's shear function. Read More
    1. Hot Recycling Asphalt Plant
    2. Hot Recycling Asphalt Plant In large scale road construction, there is inevitably asphalt waste, and discarding it is detrimental to the environment. Because of that, we developed an outstanding asphalt recycling plant, which combines old asphalt, a recycling agent, new asphalt and other materials ... Read More