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Here at Wuxi Xuetao Group we provide our customers with outstanding asphalt processing equipment. We began as a specialized producer of asphalt mixers and now we manufacture fully equipped asphalt plants, polymer modified bitumen plants, asphalt emulsion plants, hot asphalt recycling systems, bitumen melters, thermal oil heaters, and bitumen storage tanks.

ALL Equipment
  • Asphalt PlantAsphalt Plant

    Asphalt plant refers to the system of drying, heating, sieving and measuring of sand and stone materials, adding appropriate amount of filling materials (stone powder), and mixing all of that evenly with hot asphalt liquid into an asphalt mixture according to a certain proportion.

  • Polymer Modified Bitumen PlantPolymer Modified Bitumen Plant

    The polymer modified bitumen plant is used for mixing and storing modified bitumen. It produces qualified modified bitumen by mixing polymer additives and asphalt through a rapid stirring process, then this modified bitumen will be used in the construction of roadways and runaways.

  • Asphalt Emulsion PlantAsphalt Emulsion Plant

    The asphalt emulsion plant is used primarily for stirring and storing of emulsified asphalt. It also simultaneously completes the proportioning of asphalt and emulsion by regulating the rotational speed of the asphalt and emulsion pumps, then the material is treated using the emulsifier's shear function.

  • Hot Recycling Asphalt PlantHot Recycling Asphalt Plant

    The asphalt recovery system is often used with the asphalt mixing system for road construction, in order to reduce the amount of asphalt wasted. According to market needs, we have developed a variety of hot asphalt recycling plants.

  • Asphalt/Bitumen MelterAsphalt/Bitumen Melter

    This equipment is suitable for projects that use large quantities of barreled bitumen, such as municipal construction, expressway construction, asphalt mixing plant projects and more.

  • Thermal Oil HeaterThermal Oil Heater

    Thermal oil heated inside the heater is moved to the equipment through the use of a circulating pump, then returned to the thermal oil heater from the equipment oil outlet, thus forming a reusage cycle.

  • Bitumen Storage TanksBitumen Storage Tanks

    Barreled bitumen can be stored directly with no special requirements, though it is necessary to melt the bitumen and store it in a special tank designed for bitumen in order to prevent the asphalt from cooling and solidifying.